Inauguration of the Cesson-Sévigné premises

Thank you for coming to inaugurate with the team our new office in Cesson.
We are proud to have a diverse and expert team: Bruno DUISIT, Martin Sordes, Toni Fiestas, James Rose, with the friendly assistance of Sandrine Matichard, and a support from InterDigital, Inc.
Thanks to Philippe Vandeventer for his support, and thanks to my mentors Alain Durand, Sam Guilaume and Frederic Rose.
Thanks to Aude GOULON and Nessy Consulting, Figs Laurent Herbet and Yena, Guillaume Raffi, Antoine Moulineau and LIGTH, SECOB group Kévin BUCHARD and Aurélie DERRIEN, BPGO and Rozenn Porée, CIC Guillaume REUZE, Citédia Dev Eco Erwan BOSSARD and valérie Chalmel Carré, all the @Digital square incubator, Qarnot Ariane Robineau, Antoine de La Bouillerie, Icodia, Unreal Engine, gaël airieau , Coralie Mesnard
Thanks to François-Xavier Jullien, Ronan Gaugne,
And of course all our friends and supporters. Norbert BILBAULT and @cecile, Michel Morvan, Gaspard Seydoux, Hector Seydoux, Eric MULLER.

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