REF 2023: Emova participates in the gathering of French entrepreneurs

Autumn 2023 is already rich in innovations for the world of e-commerce, and Emova is at the heart of this transformation. In end of August, we participated for the first time at the REF, the annual Medef gathering, a highlight of exchanges and inspiration.
Inspiring conferences, meetings with all the diversity of French entrepreneurs were part of the event. But the team presented the recent evolution of Emova technology, its benefits compared to previous generation virtual try-on solutions, and thus validate once again public interest.

During these two days, Emova also participated to current debates, by answering questions from the journalists of Huffington Post or Libération: corporate taxation (CVAE),  employment of seniors and role of public actors in French entrepreneurial dynamism were some of the topics.

It also allowed us to express our vision of innovation, our concern about privacy and protection of identity, and for more sustainable practices for commerce, notably by reducing product returns.

Emova’s mission is clear: to bring our 3D avatar technology to as many people as possible and thus participate in the evolution of e-commerce, which irrigates and impacts many key sectors of the economy.

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