Emova changes the face of e-commerce: Interview with Capital

Emova aims to disrupt the luxury industry by enabling customers to try on jewels and accessories online, using 3D. That is why the startup was chosen to present its solution on the TV set of the economic media ‘Capital’ during the Rencontre des Entrepreneurs de France.

Thanks to Emova, all it takes is a few images to create a realistic 3D avatar. 

This means you can try on items such as glasses, make-up or jewelry in real time, improving the online shopping experience. This technology reduces costly returns for brands, (over 100 million euros in lost sales by 2021) Emova allows to try on a large number of items, avoiding hygiene concerns. 

To implement the solution, brands can integrate it directly into their online stores via an API. Currently based between Rennes, Paris and Montpellier, Emova also has an office in Seoul, a fast-growing market.

Emova’s difference is its entirely 3D approach, making possible an exceptional level of detail and precise control of light and facial movements.

Compared to augmented reality providers, Emova differentiates itself by its comprehensive 3D approach. Users can create and manage avatars, stored securely in the RGPD-compliant blockchain.

Emova’s technology is compatible with metaverse, a fast-growing trend, offering a more immersive shopping experience. Although the solution currently focuses on jewelry and accessories, Emova plans to tackle apparel as well.

Currently with 12 members, the company has successfully raised its first round of funding and is planning a larger round to continue its development.

Emova offers brands the possibility of personalizing the fitting environment, creating a unique online shopping experience for customers.

This meeting with Capital underlines Emova’s significant impact on the future of online shopping. The ability to try on products virtually and realistically transforms the customer experience, while offering significant benefits to brands. Emova technology is a major breakthrough for e-commerce, promising new dimensions in the interaction between customers and products. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Emova.

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