Interview with Gaël Seydoux on BFM Business – Emova Revolutionizes the E-commerce Virtual Fitting Experience

Have you ever made an online purchase only to discover, once you’d opened the parcel, that the garment didn’t fit at all? This disappointment is common, and it’s a problem that Emova is working to solve. Gaël Seydoux, the company’s co-founder, was recently interviewed by Annalisa Capelini on BFM Business to discuss this revolutionary innovation.

“We create a realistic avatar from a three-image selfie, then this 3D avatar represents you. It’s exactly you. It has the same mimics, the same texture, the same light, and so on. And above all, we mix it with the object, make-up, glasses, earrings, hats and the whole thing gives a rendering a bit like in a real store.”

Unlike other virtual fitting technologies, Emova offers a more precise, emotional experience. 

“You create an intimate relationship with your digital double. It’s quite playful, quite immersive. You look at yourself, you observe yourself, a bit like in your bathroom, you see yourself in profile thanks to a set of mirrors.” 

This innovation not only arouses emotion, but also stimulates online sales. Emova offers a more accurate solution than augmented reality, because everything is in 3D, eliminating the problem of objects “floating”. What’s more, this technology enables the atmosphere to be changed, creating a more immersive virtual fitting experience.

Emova plans to extend its solution to other areas, but is currently focusing on the face and hands, particularly for jewelry. Realistic representation is a key feature of this technology.

The interview also touched on pricing, how Emova works as a B2B solution, and the fact that the company is currently conducting Proofs Of Concept with partners to test its product on the market.

Emova brings significant innovation to e-commerce by offering a more accurate, emotional and immersive virtual fitting experience, which could reduce costly returns for brands and improve customer satisfaction.

This revolutionary technology promises to change the way we buy products online, and offers an exciting glimpse into the future of e-commerce.

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