Emova brings its teams together for a strategic seminar in Saint-Malo

Emova, organized its second corporate seminar in Saint-Malo, a landmark event bringing together the entire company.

The event was an opportunity for the Emova team to get together in person, away from screens and virtual conferences, to strengthen ties and define the launch strategy for 2024. As an innovative start-up with members spread all over the country, these get-togethers are particularly important.

The seminar provided a platform for exchange and reflection on Emova’s business strategy. With a particular focus on penetrating the Korean market, the team discussed the unique challenges and opportunities associated with this international expansion.

At the same time, an in-depth focus was placed on the French market, underlining the importance of consolidating domestic positions. Marketing efforts, local partnerships and adjustments to the solution to meet the specific needs of the French market were at the heart of the discussions.

Dedicated sessions were devoted to strategic planning, the road map and internal workflow, with a particular focus on the new enhancements expected to deliver an even more immersive virtual fitting experience.

Beyond the strategic discussions, the seminar was also an opportunity to strengthen team cohesion and consolidate a shared vision. Collaborative workshops enabled team members to actively contribute to Emova’s vision, creating a sense of collective commitment to the company’s goals.